Authors of accepted abstracts will present their work in oral or poster sessions. Moreover, they will be invited to submit full papers to be considered for publishing in a special issue of the Paladyn, Journal of Behavioral Robotics.

Submitted abstracts should be two pages pdf files following the template below. You can direct questions to

MSWemplate extended abstracts


We welcome video that are two to five minutes length, accompanied by an abstract of one page. The maximum file size for video’s is 50M, accepted file types are MPEG video file (.mpg), Apple QuickTime Movie (.mov) and Windows media video file (.wmv) . The abstract should indicate the  insights or findings that are demonstrated by the video.

Submitted video abstracts should be one page pdf files following the template below. You can direct questions to

MS Word Video Template


We welcome workshop/tutorial proposals, for one to three hour workshops, aimed at professionals or students and researchers in applied research in this field. The primary criteria for selection are the anticipated level of interest, impact, novelty and the presenters background. Workshops and tutorials will be held on June 27th, prior to the conference or at June 28th.

Workshops are opportunities for participants to meet professionals and researchers, to discuss scientific problems, and to present their ideas related to a common topic. We particularly welcome creative new formats that bring together professionals and researchers of different disciplines.

Please submit the completed workshop/tutorial proposal as a PDF file, following the submission key in the above menu.

Proposals should be two to three pages following the template below. You can direct questions to the workshops and tutorials chair at

Template workshops/tutorials


Please propose your demo on a one page abstract, following the template below and submitting it as pdf file.

MSWord template demo’s

If you want to use Latex, you can you the IEEE conference template that you can find here. Please submit as pdf file.